Preparing to Play the Fun Math Games

With a little bit of initial care these Fun Math Games for kids can be used over and over again.

Hints for Parents – Preparing the Games

  •  Print the games that you (and your child) have selected.
  • It is always a good idea to involve the child in preparing the games, eg cutting out pieces and putting into bags.
  • If the games require cards to be printed or made, store the cards in a separate plastic zip seal bag or envelope. Allow the child to decorate the bag or envelope with drawings or fancy writing.
  • Store games in a box eg shoebox. The shoebox can be covered with paper and decorated by the child. Laminating the cards can increase their lifespan.

Hints for Teachers – Preparing the Games

  • Games that require cards can be printed in the size shown or can be enlarged on a photocopier to create large cards that can be used for the whole class games.
  • Students can be involved in preparing the games . Students can print the cards, cut out cards and decorate the bags or envelopes. This will lighten the teacher’s workload and give students a sense of ownership of the games. The students will take pride in the fact that they made the games. At the same time it is also giving the students a sense of responsibility.
  • Laminating the cards will make them more durable and also more appealing. Remember to laminate the sheets prior to the students cutting the small individual pieces.

 To get over 450 pages of Fun and Educational Activity for your students visit Fun Math Games For Kids.



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