Some Fun Math Games to Play

Here’s just some of the Fun Math Games you can play with your children. You may be surprised at just how much enjoyment can be attained from participating with the children and help them learn and develop skills that will set the grounding for their future education and life.

  • Build a Number  – to develop place value concepts
  • Play Number Hats to get students exploring & discovering the properties of numbers
  • Find it First – facts to improve multiplication recall
  • Play Pizza Plates to develop an understanding of fractions
  • Hangman – helps develop the concept of addition. Students like this one even more than the word version.
  • Practice division with Remainders Board game
  • Rows and Columns, Rectangles and Square Off – games to develop strategic thinking.
  • Practice addition facts with games like games like Full House, Race the Clock or Paris
  • Monster Symmetry – to revise the concept of symmetry


Hints for Selecting the Games – Parents

  • Not all games will be suitable for the ability level of your child. Ages are given as a general rule and may not be applicable to your child.
  • Involve your child in selecting the games that he/she would like to play. If possible, help them read the instructions and choose a game.
  • If your child has a favourite game it can’t hurt to let them play it over and over.


Hints for Selecting the Games – Teachers

  • These games are an ideal way to cater for different ability levels in your classroom. Students who are struggling may be given easier games to practice basic skills.
  • The more advanced games can be used to extend brighter students.
  • Games can be used to reinforce the skills that are being taught in the classroom. eg When time is being taught – play Time Bingo.
  • Students can also be involved in selecting which games they would like to play.
  • The games can be used as a reward for working well. Allow students to select the games they would like to play.


 To get over 450 pages of Fun and Educational Activity for your students visit Fun Math Games For Kids.



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