Fun Math Games For Kids

I just found these Fun Math Games for Kids ~ a terrific resource for teachers and parents that will provide their kids with hours of fun, while learning.

These elementary math games provide the tools for teachers and parents to keep kids (aged 4 – 11 years) interested in maths.

Printable Math Worksheets and Math Lesson Plans have already been prepared ~ just print them , give them out and start having fun as you’re watching the kids learn and develop and quench their thirst for knowledge.

After years of hands on work in the classroom with kids of all ages and abilities, an experienced math educator, Teresa Evans, has created a professional resource with over 450 pages of games for you to use with your students.

You’ll be able to make as many copies that you want of Board Games, Card Games, Domino Games, and Game Worksheets straight from your computer, whenever you want.

Now you can teach math basics without kids even realizing they’re learning —
they’re having too much fun.

These are games that teach and reinforce the basic math skills that children need to ensure their future success at school and beyond school.

Making Math More Fun – Math Games Package brings you tried-and-tested games that really work — games and activities that have been used in the classroom for years with great success. Games that kids like to play. Games that help them master key math concepts and then use what they’ve learned.

Printable Math Worksheets & Math Lesson Plans


Due to the success of the original e-book,
Making Math More Fun
has now been expanded into 4 e-books –
even more fun math games for kids and even more variety.


Over 450 Pages of Fun and Educational activities for your students

Not only do you get 4 ebooks on Elementary Math Games which are fun and educational for kids including printable worksheets and lesson plans, a special bonus of 4 more ebooks (packed full of games) about speech, spelling, phonics, childhood interaction, reading, and making your own board games.

Be quick and you may also receive a special bonus of 4 more ebooks (packed full of games) about speech, spelling, phonics, childhood interaction, reading, and making your own board games.

Total price of the lot is only $27.95.
I know the information in these books can help you build a fun and educational environment for your students.
A 100% money back guarantee will ensure that there is no risk involved. If for any reason you are unhappy with the books – let Teresa know within 56 days and she’ll give you a full refund.

Get yourFun Math Games For Kids Now.

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  1. Games of any form is a constructive idea for a child’s development. And learning maths in this form is just amazing.
    Learn while you enjoy.

  2. Great post!

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